Rinse My Music Review

rinse-my-music-214x300Have you decided to organize your messy iTunes library? If yes, how are you going to do it? There are two general possible options. The first one is to organize your iTunes manually. This will require you much time since you have to go over your hundred of songs to delete duplicated songs, to correct misspelled song titles and artists’ names, to search for the appropriate title of songs that are titled “track 01” or “unknown artist”, to look for album covers, and to organize your songs through genre for easier access. Using Rinse My Music is like using good steam irons to help organize your clothes.

Rinse my Music has a “fix songs” feature. This will correct all incorrect artists’ name and song titles either manually or automatically. If you are just trying to test the software, then it is better if you will use first the manual mode so that you will see first what Rinse my Music will do to your songs. If you do not like the result, then Rinse my Music is not the organizing software for you. However, if you like the way it organizes your music files, then, you can use the automatic mode. The automatic mode will automatically correct misspellings, put the correct artist name for each incorrectly labeled song or for the songs with unknown artists, and correct title songs while you do other more important things than organizing your iTunes.

Aside from correcting misspelled artists’ names or song titles, Rinse my Music also will delete duplicated songs so there will be room for additional music files. This is very convenient so that when you are listening to music, you will not listen to the same song every now and then. When doing this manually, you have to listen for every music or scan each file so that you will know what music is duplicated and this will surely consume your time.

Rinse my Music will also look for appropriate and cool album art covers available on the internet so your black and gray music appearance will be more attractive. With the software, you can always change your current boring album covers to something more interesting. Like in fixing your music files, you also have to decide whether you want to search for album art covers manually or automatically.

Rinse my Music may not be as cheap as other iTunes organizer but it is worth the price since accuracy is more or less a hundred percent and it will keep your files safe and sound until the whole process is finished. Therefore, always consider using it and if you think that you can’t afford its price, don’t worry because you can get some discounts by using its coupon codes. What’s more it’s cheaper than the best steam irons.

Yeezus Review

Kanye_Live_Yeezus_Tour-186x300Hot is just one way to describe Yeezus, rap mogul, Kanye West’s latest offering. It is very obvious in its highly experimental style that Yeezus is definitely not your regular rap album. It’s an eclectic mix of heavy, guitar riffs, rock and roll percussions and the provocative, raw lyrics that we have come to associate with hip hop music.  And Kanye’s mastery of the MXL 770 microphone, which is probably the best recording microphone right now, is awesome.

In trying to describe the predominant sound on Yeezus, and its genre, music critics and fans alike have resolved to calling it an Afro-Punk album. For Main Street USA, the Yeezus album stands somewhere between Jay-Z and Nirvana, delivered by one of the most prolific rappers of our time.

Recurring themes on Yeezus include: sex, money and drugs — rock and roll staples, plus added to that are elements of race and inequality, which are popular in rap music. Lyrics are similarly as varied, including out of topic phrases such as ‘best baby gates’, to ever popular terms like ‘hope’ and ‘love’.

The album’s first track, titled On Sight, is a fast paced, heavy production song that acts as the perfect harbinger, as Kanye West passionately declares in it that “Yeezus season’s approaching”. The track uses lasers, chopped percussions and out of place samples, like what sounds like someone tapping on a baby gate, while Kanye West delivers his customary lines of braggadocio. There’s so much going-on on On Sight, one will find it hard to believe that it’s actually just a 02:36mins track. That’s how short it is. In 02:36mins, Kanye manages to seamlessly fit in what sounds like 10:00mins of playback.

The second track on the album is the aptly titled Black Skinhead. A challenge to the status quo and established ways of thinking. Black Skinhead mixes Irish percussions, Native American chants and a lowdown hip hop baseline. It aptly characterizes and captures everything that West is trying to achieve with this album. Black Skinhead, like most of the album is a metaphoric middle finger to society and the static molds it casts us all in.

In a nutshell, Yeezus as an album is Kanye West saying: “Yes, I am a black rapper from New York, but I’m a lot other things, too. And I reflect a varied range of the experiences of an ever moving world”.

As far as hip hop and music in general are concerned, the Yeezus album is a watershed album. It succeeds in doing what many lesser know Afro-Punk musicians have been trying to achieve for years. It introduces Main Street USA to the sound that is Afro-Punk, and it definitely also ranks right up there with the best. — Afro-Punk records, released to date.

Wu-Tang Forever

wu-tang-300x141Aubrey Drake Graham, a recording artist, rapper and song writer based in Canada is rocking the music industry with amazing songs. The artist, has been able to sell more than five million records both locally and internationally within the few years he has been in the music. He is one of the musicians who have won multiple billboards records, Grammy awards, three Junos and six Bet awards. He has been certified twice platinum and the second artist to have to two hits in the same week. I was able to capture his performance on my GoPro Hero, one of the best pocket camcorder models right now.

In the recent past, Drake has been in the spot light for releasing a moody down-tempo jam by the name Wu-Tang Forever. This, he did with the expectation to bring a whole new hit in this new third album. The album did perform well as earlier anticipated but still had some criticism from various people. While most of his fans view it as another hit Album, some said it did not match the original style of the clan; it’s yourz.

Earlier on, Drake revealed that he would be releasing a single, featured on the album, Wu Tang Clan forever. Then on September 12, 2013 he released the promotional single of the album to make the way for the coming album.

When the album was finally released on the same month, there was a positive reception from the music critics of having done a good job. However, there were also a few people who said that the album’s title expressed so much in the mind than could be grasp from the whole album formation. All in all, this album still remains the most iconic entity that brings the softness in a hard music rapper.

Audrey later released a wonderful video in Harlem in January 2014. He featured Rakim Mayers, an American rapper from Harlem, New York. Mayer is a great artist who is not only talented in music but also in producing quality video, therefore his appearance really brought a big impact.

Even though the Album a hit, Drake confirmed on various occasion and media that the Wu tang Clan remix was to be released soon. Drake on most of his song has been seen to express even his private life.  He also said that a number of artists will be featured in the album, they will include U-God, Method Man, Cappodonna and Masta Killah.

Music Album Review: Recovery By Eminem

eminem-261x300Eminem is one of the best rappers alive. One of his best albums is Recovery and it mainly centers on the rapper’s journey out of depression as well as drug addiction. In his songs, he talks about how he reclaimed his passion for rap music and finally figured out who he really is. It is like he had been experiencing an internal turmoil that made him lack a personality as well as joy in his life and he expresses all that in his songs in the Recovery album.

The Recovery album is casual sounding compared to Eminem’s other albums but the songs on it carry strong messages. The songs on this album hearken back to the freewheeling records that he produced on his earlier albums. You will realize that even though he has improved a lot as an artist, he has not completely abandoned his old tics. Once in a while you will hear him talking about the doomed love he had for his ex-wife. You will also hear him occasionally dwell on settling scores with rival celebs in the music industry.

You will also notice something different with the Recovery album. Unlike the previous albums where Eminem would rarely collaborate with other artists, on Recovery we see him doing songs with Pink and Rihanna. You will also notice that he does not just dwell on labyrinths of his own psyche in the lyrics. Instead, he goes deeper laying bare both childhood traumas as well as professional jealousies. His flow as well as accuracy is objectively better compared to those of other rappers. All verses to the songs on this album are captivating and will definitely be worth deserving for repeat listens.

Recovery is a freeing album to Eminem. He admits the mistakes that he has made and trumpets his successes. Even though it is a simple album, a lot is expected to come from it. The rapper looks out to make everything right as you can see from the messages on the tracks that make this album and he also feels like he owes his fans. He at one point admitted that the two albums prior to recovery did not count since he was on drugs or he was struggling to quit using drugs. At some point you might feel like he is being too hard on himself, but then again he is just being candid about his life and freely expressing himself.

Listening to this album produces the same refreshing feeling you feel after working out in your homegym. Buy it. It’s definitely cheaper than those home gyms.

A New Day Has Come

celine-dionLife would have been very boring without music I know it is something that you can’t conceive. There are several musicians worldwide doing some good work in the music industry. One of the most famous musicians is a Canadian by the name Celine Dion. She has released so many albums that have taken the industry with a bang. The one that broke her record is known as “A New Day Has Come“.

A New Day Has Come is the ninth English- language album released by Celine Dion and produced by Sony Music Entertainment on March 22nd, the year 2002. She worked with producers like Anders Bagge and Peer Astron on this album for the first time. Everyone was surprised when she did not work with her longtime producer by the name David Foster for the first time.

A New Day Has Come became commercially successful throughout the world and it was voted number in more than seventeen countries. Up to 3.3 million copies of this album have been sold in the United States of America alone and it was certified by six- times Platinum. In general, a total of twelve million copies of this album have been sold worldwide.

The tracks in A New Day Has Come include: have you ever been in love, rain, tax (it’s inevitable), I’m alive, a new day has come, ten days, Goodbye’s (the saddest word), sorry for love, Aun Existe Amor (love still exists), I surrender, the greatest reward, when the wrong one loves you right, nature boy, all because of you, super love and right in front of you.

To be sincere not all tracks in this album are enjoyable but majority of them are. For instance, the ones that got everyone talking include am a live, a new day has come, super love, right in front of you and ten days. Celine Dion is a talented musician and she has contributed immensely in the growth of music industry. So be sure you prepare your juice from the best juicer you own, or anyone’s best juicer machine for that matter, before listening to this album, as it is a refreshing listen.

Daft Punk’s Latest Hit

daft-punkIn this review of Daft Punk’s latest hit single, Get Lucky, we are going to cover a variety of factors, including mood, tempo, lyrics, and other musical aspects that any decent song should be comprised of. We will also cover a bit of where Daft Punk got their inspiration for their hit single, Get Lucky, which has turned out to be a huge success for them.

The song starts out with a groovy beat that feels like you could be looking right into an electronic picture frame, one that has a plethora of cool, relaxing colors. In terms of mood, you can almost feel like you are rocking out at a dance club, yet maintaining an easy going, upbeat groove at the same time. It has a medium slow tempo, which is slow enough for anyone to get moving along with the beat, but still fast paced enough for experienced dancers to have a lot of fun getting into.

The lyrics are simple, and repetitive enough to catch on quickly so you can sing along without them getting old, or feeling like someone is beating you over the head with lyrics that just won’t stop repeating. We all know how it feels when a song starts playing on the radio that everyone has heard a thousand times and everyone is sick of. In that respect, you can almost see a picture forming in your mind while listening to Get Lucky, and based on what you are hearing it would probably look good as a set of electronic picture frames!

As for inspiration, Daft Punk is known for setting new records and standards in their genre, so they really don’t need much of a story to explain why Get Lucky is such a hit. That said, I promised to share a bit about their sources of inspiration when coming up with new ideas, songs and albums. You might not be surprised to hear they often draw inspiration from the blurry lines between robots and humans, but interestingly enough, the band has been feeling a pull toward older methods and techniques of creating sounds, opting to turn from traditional sample based recording and, as the Daft Punk crew said themselves, “We want to do what we have done in the past with samples and machines, but with people.”

If that’s not inspiration enough for you, remember this; if you can fit an image of Daft Punk’s latest hit single into an electronic picture frame, you can do anything!

Bungee Trampolines

Here’s an article for our readers who are trampoline fans also.

Trampoline jumping has literally been taken to new heights with the launch of a gravity-defying, adrenaline-pumping sport known as bungee trampoline, introduced by the world of extreme sports. In bungee trampoline, the jumper has an adjustable harness attached to the waist, connected to bungee ropes on both sides. This allows various types of somersaults and other airborne aerobics as the jumper is catapulted up to 12 to 14 meters in the air.

Bungee trampolines can be set up on almost any high footfall outdoor or indoor locations such as amusement parks, beaches, swimming pools, summer camps, schools, festivals, acrobatic training centers, water parks, gymnasiums, etc.

Most Bungee Trampolines are built from high quality materials such as aluminum and stainless steel and should fulfill certain safety standards and regulations. Anyone who weighs between 45 to 200 pounds can comfortably participate in a bungee trampoline jumping. Experience is not needed except for extreme stunts and aerobics, which should never be attempted without the supervision of a professional. Another advantage with bungee trampoline jumping is that even people with certain physical disabilities can take part because the harness attached to the waist makes it much safer than conventional trampolines.

A single jumping unit may have more than one trampoline which allows multiple jumpers to use the bungee trampoline at the same time. However, there are also bungee trampolines designed for only one person at a time. Most of the bungee trampolines used today come with a client control apparatus, using a counter and a timer which can be easily operated by a single person. Recommended power supply for bungee trampolines is 110 or 230 volts and 10 amperes electrical outlet.

There are several models, types, and designs of bungee trampolines. Some of them have been modified to make the jumps more exciting and thrilling. For example, Forest Maxi Bungy Trampoline, captioned “Maxi bungee trampoline fly in the trees” features a harness and elastic system which is connected to natural trees from 5 meters to 20 meters high construction. Participants (5 years and older, adults below 200 lbs.) can jump up to 20 meters and land on their feet in the middle of the trampoline. 230 volts or 110 volts is the average supply of power used by this bungee trampoline.

An example of a four person bungee trampoline:

Camp Cayuga , a private coed residential summer camp in Honesdale, Pennsylvania has introduced what it called the Big “Trampoline Thing”, as a part of its extreme jumping sports program. This is the basic configuration of the bungee trampoline:

A large rig combines a trampoline system with a bungee cord system. The rig features 4 separate trampolines, so 4 people can be accommodated at one time. The patented Bungee Cord System includes a hydraulic lift that automatically readjusts the height settings on the rig as participants jump higher. With this safety feature, the bungee cord cannot be over-stretched while jumping, and catapult the jumper up to 24 feet in the air.

Bungee Trampoline jumping, like the regular bungee jumping, should be approached with caution because it can result in injuries like sprains, fractures, scrapes, bruises and cuts, or serious injuries to the head and neck which can cause paralysis, or even death. Children should always be supervised by adults, and inexperienced adult jumpers should seek the help of instructors or professionals.

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